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The UDS was founded in 2017. After the necessary structural organization has been put in place, the administrative process for state recognition as a university is now in the completion phase.

Some of the Competence Centers have started research work already, and all preparations are on the way to begin our formal program operations in Autumn/Winter 2020.
Digital science is a vital reflection for individual, collective, socio-economical, and political decisions and generates verified knowledge about the essence of humanity in the digital space as well as the digital space itself and its laws.

Digital Science scrutinizes existing ethical evaluation systems, and encourages their further development, draws attention to contradictions and seeks solutions. It defines and researches terms from the digital world and strives for semantic mediation in a global context.

Areas of knowledge among others:
  • Engineering Sciences - System Science - Computer Science
  • Automation Technology - Quantum Mechanics - Quantum Physics - Artificial Intelligence
  • Psychology - Communication Sciences - Cognitive Science
  • The core of digital science is the digital space as a technical, social, economic, and political vector.
The exact module structures of the individual study programs will be available on our website in spring 2022. All planned Master's programs and also the MBA (more here) are scheduled to start in autumn 2022.
The first certificate courses will start in the spring of 2022. Please refer to updates on our website or contact us directly.
A first university degree (Bachelor's or Diplom) grants participation to study for a Master's degree.

There are different admission requirements for the individual Master's programs, depending on the subject-specific first university degree.
Master of Science, Master of Arts, MBA.
In the intial phase, UDS does not offer bachelor's programs. Our focus currently on master's programs.
All Master programs are held in English. Proof of language proficiency must be provided at the time of enrolment.
The UDS is not an online university. There are present times mixed with blended learning units.

The actual teaching takes place in real laboratories and competence centers
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The UDS thus offers a mixed form of presence and online study times, which is tailored to the individual needs of each student.
The UDS concept is based around individually learning. That means the learning and research environment will be organized in project groups and project teams.

As a rule, there are no seminars and lectures in a classical sense; The teachings are integrated into the overarching concept and individual needs of each student. Think "active learning".
UDS is currently headquartered at Stromstr. 3b in 10555 Berlin, between Tegel Airport and the central railway station. With the start of the study programs, a new location will be announced. Please follow the latest news on our website.
All Master's programs are full-time and part-time programs. Based on individual needs, the courses can be personalized.
Applications are expected to be possible from December 2021/Januar 2022.
The Master's programs will take place during the standard period of 6 trimesters (full-time).

Part-time programs will be 8 trimesters to be completed.

The MBA program is designed for four or six trimesters.

Special credits and recognition are regulated in the individual study and examination regulations.
Currently, the following fees apply:
MA full-time€ 4.500,- per trimester (6 trimesters)
MA part-time€ 3.500,- per trimester (8 trimesters)
MBA full-time€ 21.000,- overall (4 trimesters)
MBA part-time€ 4.800,- per trimester (6 trimesters)
office@uds.berlin or +49 30 318 7331-0
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