The primary purpose of the UDS is the dissolution of the traditional separation of educational departments. Therefore, the UDS, at its core, personifies an interdisciplinary way of working and thinking in its institutional structure.

Our digital foundation helps to overcome the traditional challenges of the university education system and to equip the next generations with digital competencies. Our students, our professors, our employees, and our scientific and economic network partners experience a UDS community that culminates in the "Shared Intelligence and Competence" concept.
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Besides, there is the vision of a UDS university building that will provide the learning and research environment for the consistent implementation of digital competencies in the normative sense of UDS.

As an international university, UDS assumes the task of developing and strengthening education not only within a European framework. Instead, it is a matter of breaking down cultural boundaries and the traditional restrictions on learning phases (before, during, and after studies).

A basic integrative understanding characterizes us. With this in mind, we jointly combine scientific thinking and action with projects and research as an interaction between companies and universities. In this way, we create the necessary competencies that will result from digital transformation in the future.


Meeting Board of Trustees
The digital transformation in the German industry is picking up speed. But the digitalization of teaching is in bad shape in Germany. Studies confirm that Germany is lagging behind in the EU.
The *Index of Readiness for Digital Lifelong Learning* of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) reveals that digital learning in German universities consists only of PowerPoint and PDF. The consequences will have a fatal effect on the digital transformation process in practice. Students at German universities are not prepared for real life, or gifted students leave to receive adequate education elsewhere. What to do? Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen has been asking himself this question for several years now and is discussing urgently needed solutions with national and international colleagues.
Day of foundation of the UDS with Wulf Wersig and Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen
Day of foundation of the UDS with Wulf Wersig and Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen
A new mindset is only the will; the way must be a new kind of university. With this approach, the UDS (UDS) Berlin was founded in 2017. The clear focus in research and teaching is on digital transformation and global solutions in close interaction between science and industry.
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UDS gGmbH was founded on July 15th 2017 as a supporting company by three private entities well-known from politics, science, and society to actively support the non-profit organization. The main task of the supporting company is the establishment and operation of the UDS as a state-recognized scientific university.

It is also entitled to issue donation receipts for donations made to it for use for these purposes according to the officially prescribed form (tax-deductible as special expenses). The society is responsible for guaranteeing and safeguarding the economic stability of the university.
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Predecessor of the foundation was the BUDS Förder Fonds e.V., which was dissolved with the establishment of the foundation. The non-profit Digital Science Foundation supports the establishment and operation of the UDS in its academic and cultural activities. Through the entrepreneurial and private commitment of our sponsors, we enable the university to achieve certain independence from operating revenues.

Sub-foundations, sponsoring and donations are used, among other things, to promote young scientists through scholarships for students or doctoral candidates, to promote the Laboratories for Applied Research and the international university research institutes of UDS, to promote didactic concepts and new forms of teaching, and to promote digital platforms and start-up incubators.
UDS Innovation GmbH is a company of the University Of Digital Science Berlin gGmbH. As a 100% subsidiary company and the knowledge and technology transfer company of the sponsoring company, it is to form the interface between science and industry.

On behalf of the university, UDS Innovation GmbH promotes and administers research and development contracts and tasks as well as contracts for scientific services between science and industry/public authorities: from project initiation and project start to project administration and project completion.

The Innovation Management service area also supports the competence centers in research applications, project acquisition, and possible exploitation of results.
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